• Name: LR-RS-V and LR-RS-VQ Automatic Coiling Machine
  • Code: LR-RS-V and LR-RS-VQ
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This series automatic coiling machines are special machines for coiling different filaments of car, motorcycle and radiating lamps. They have won the prizes of Major Scientific & Technological Achievement and Excellent & New Product awarded by Shanghai government and the former Light Industry Ministry. Data of turns, pitch, etc. of filament are all be set and entered on the display screen, easy to operate and maintain, reliable and stable in running, high in productivity.
The main difference between LR-RS-V and LR-RS-VQ is that the latter uses several cylinders to drive each mechanism for actions.
Single coil                     20-200mg/200mm
Screwed tungsten filament        φ0.2-φ0.8mm
Diameter of mandrel             φ0.5-φ1.5mm
Turns of filament                0.1-30 turns
Pitch of filament                0.1-99.9 turns/cm
Length of filament body          3-16mm
Length of filament leg            3-17mm(sum of two legs <30mm)
Productivity                    1400 filaments/h
Supporting air source            0.4-0.6MPa