Automatic electroplating wastewater treating system – In light of the strict demands of “Discharging Standards of Electroplating Contaminants”, we use automatic pH/ORP control technique and our proprietary terminal heavy metal trapping technique to provide advanced and practical methord for electroplating discharging wastewater quality up to standards

Terminal heavy metal trapping equipment – a sharp weapon to solve wastewater discharging problem; Complete set of automatic pH/ORP control equipment – saving chemicals and labor cost, improving rate of discharging at standards

Intermittent automatic wastewater treating equipment – 1 set of equipment can replace a wastewater plant

Intelligent electroplating wastewater treatment controller – the most economical choice for wastewater treatment automation control software upgrading.

High-efficiency automatic industrial wastewater pH adjusting equipment – less investment, less space occupation, more accurate

Technology for electroplating wastewater COD removing – No. 1 difficult problem, targeted remedy, effective breakthrough

Metal complexes contaminated wastewater treatment technology– using proprietary technique to overcome the biggest barrier in treating heavy metal for discharging at standards

Computer control technique for wastewater treatment – Supporting wastewater treatment equipment to realize automation in operation management