Custom-tailor the scheme of “turn waste into wealth” for enterprises

It has filled the blank in this field at home, and has acquired three State Patents. It is a vehicular laboratory with an integration of water quality testing, combined pilot scale wastewater recovering technologies, computer control and expert software analysis, which can be driven to industrial wastewater generating site to make real-time measurement and testing. Through the analysis by its expert software system, a technically and economically feasible practical scheme for wastewater recycling can be acquired, which is useful in decision making for enterprise and can also lay a foundation for project construction. It has offered measuring and testing services to many enterprises, such as Shanghai Jiangsen Self-control International Battery Co., Ltd. (among the World’s Top Five Hundred), Leisheng Chemical Plant, Deyi Chemical Plant, Xinxiang Aluminum Products Plant, Hongxia Electroplating Plant, etc., and the recycling schemes have been carried out.